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Music videos power our hip hop community. We will share music videos as we play music based community games.
  1. Only submit hip hop music videos that contains your art.
  2. Add YouTube links to every hip hop music video you'd like to submit to the Hip Hop World.
  3. If you're not rapping, specify if you produced the beat, shot/edited the video, etc
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Song: The Big Payoff (Good Neighbor)
Written and Recorded by Mozay Calloway
Produced by Twist L's
Director: Q Da Chosen
Video Production: 1FN Visuals

2024 We The CEO, LLC (All Rights Reserved)

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Song: We're GremGoyles
Written and Recorded by Mozay Calloway Featuring Mental Stamina
Produced by Stixx2Hard
Director: Q Da Chosen
Video Production: 1FN Visuals

2024 We The CEO, LLC (All Rights Reserved)

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Song: Respect Yo Yard
Artist: Mozay Calloway & Melatto
Producer: Jamma PHye
Video Producer: Q Da Chosen
Director: Shaquann QDC Jordan
Production: 1FN Visualz
Location: Peaceville, NY
Label: We The CEO, LLC in Partnership with eNwhYO

GOKPBEATS - Wealth Transfer

It's time for a wealth transfer! 💸

This hard-hitting hip hop track calls for economic equality through conscious bars and smooth flows.As the gap between the rich and poor continues to grow, we need a radical shift to bring more opportunities to marginalized communities. These uplifting beats promote justice and equity for all through positive vibes. 🙌Spread the message - it's time to even the odds and create real change! ✊

The wealthy elite need to open their purse strings, while we continue grinding at the grassroots level. There's more than enough prosperity to go around.Are you down to turn up while speaking truth?

Stream this wealth transfer anthem now! And don't forget to subscribe, like, and tag a friend to spread the empowerment. ❤️

Bio: GOKPBEATS is a rising star producer bringing infectious beats to invigorate the music community worldwide 🌎.

GOKPBEATS SoundBetter Reviews:
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Artist: JooishArab
Producer: JooishArab
Beat Producer: Various Artists (Kasino, NAT08, Jonny 2.0, Grim Brxzy, Redda, etc.)
All Platforms: 7 Tracks
SoundCloud: 240 Tracks
Music Videos: 7 Videos
Video Editor: JooishArab
Original Lyrics: JooishArab
Original Cover Art: JooishArab
Recording By: JooishArab
Merchandise Design: JooishArab
SoundCloud | JooishArab

Apple Music | JooishArab

Spotify | JooishArab

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Nonchalant X | Music Video

Adrenochrome Rituals | Music Video

EPIC | Music Video

Cover Art Compilation | Music Video

JooishArab Merchandise & Apparel


Thank you
HipHop.Forum & HipHop.World for providing a platform for artists to share their music with the world. Also, special S/O to Mozay Calloway & Kim Kozak for getting me involved. 💯💯💯